Explore Sikinos

Starting your day walking from the village kastro among the footpath to meet the monastery where you can find the wind mills and small churches.

Horio is a traditional beautiful village with picturesque alleys and the most prominent Characteristic of cycladic architecture builts, are the white washed cube houses.

Visitors after a visit to anchient temple episkopi can experience breathtaking views of the cliff face, goes up to agia marina’s church .

Go for swimming to the beaches alopronia, dialiskari malta, agios Panteleimon, were cool and crystal-clear stunningly waters that quicklyget deep.

Most of the beaches are a series of beautiful coves with deep waters offering a more rustic swimming experience .

By foot , follow the rocky paths down towards the sea.

A good way to end your day is to find theperfect view to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine at the local winery that is not far from temple episkopi.